How to Exploit the “Affordable Care Act” Loophole…lock in 2013 Rates!

Black Shirt with a print saying he found a loophole to be used to exploit Affordable Care Act

How to Exploit the “Affordable Care Act” Loophole

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This loophole will personally save me 63% off a plan in 2014 which comes out to be a savings of $1,044 dollars. My goal is helping you pick the plan that gives you the BEST coverage for the price.

There is ONE company that allows you to lock in 2013 rates for a 2014 policy. Yes, you read that correctly. This will save you from 30% to 70% depending on your AGE & INCOME.

NOTE: This loophole is not always the best strategy, especially if you have health issues or need to use more medical care in 2014. There is a GOLD plan that has a maximum out of pocket of $2,000 for all medical expenses during the entire year…that’s it!

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Below are my areas of expertise:

  • Health Insurance (Every company in Washington State)
  • Life Insurance (33 companies)
  • Investments (Alternatives to the Stock Market)
  • Tax Sheltered Accounts (Following IRS guidelines)

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