This 2015 Health Insurance policy does NOT Cover Abortion!

Black & White Image expressing No Abortion in Healthcare representing Pro Life Health Insurance

A Pro-Life Health Insurance Policy

If you are Pro-Life and want to buy Health Insurance previously it was an issue that part of your premium dollars supported voluntary abortion.

In 2015 Premera is the ONLY company that has an individual health insurance policy which EXCLUDES coverage for abortion in Washington State. This policy was extremely popular in 2014.

 You can only sign up for the “Premera Multi State Plan” (MSP) through the Washington Health Exchange. Excluding abortion is the only coverage difference compared to the regular Premera plans.

However, this specific Premera MSP policy continues to cover abortifacients.

The Premera MSP plan is $1.69 cheaper per month. It’s a win/win for standing strong for your social ethics and it’s cheaper!

OPEN ENROLLMENT: (Nov 15th to April 17th)

If you have any friends or family that need Health Insurance I would be glad to assist them.

P.S. My commission of $17 per month is built into the price of the Premera MSP plan…so it costs you the same to do it yourself or to work with me!

For any referrals I will be donating my entire commission to Pro-Life foundations.

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