2017 Health Insurance Proposed Increases

Paying More for Health Insurance in 2017…

Unfortunately the proposed rate increases for 2017 are going to be large and the network of doctors is narrowing (with Premera having the largest reduction). There are going to be a significant amount of changes and this is just the beginning of the announcements.

The largest change will be that Premera is NOT going to be apart of the BlueCard Network of doctors. This is due to them losing $117 million on individual plans in 2016. So any medical expenses outside of Washington State will not be covered unless its a true medical emergency…so those of you that travel should probably move to the Group Health PPO plan or Regence PPO plan.

Proposed 2017 Rate Increases:

Premera = 20.0%

Regence =13.1%

Group Health [Access PPO] (First Choice Network) = 27.5%

Group Health [HMO only Network] = 9.6%

Coordinated Care (AM Better) = 7.4%

Molina 9.6%

In 2017 plans with Premera will ONLY be available directly through the WA Exchange, so there will be a lot of movement no matter what you have.

Overall there will be many dramatic changes for 2017, however keep checking our “Alpha Blog” and will keep you informed on any changes that may impact you specifically. As we approach the Open Enrollment period of Nov 1st 2016 to Jan 31st 2017 we will provide in-depth options for your convenience.

NOTE: Please share this with any friends of yours that get an Individual Health Insurance plan.

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