2017 Open Enrollment for Health Insurance

Renewing Coverage for 2017 is as Simple as 1, 2, 3

Open Enrollment from NOVEMBER 1st 2016 to JANUARY 31st 2017.

For 2017 Individual Health Insurance there has been some dramatic changes in Hospital Networks, Doctors & Plan Layouts.

Not understanding the changes can cost you money now (premiums) or later (benefits); which is why it’s important to work with Achieve Alpha Insurance. We will navigate the complex options with you and find a plan that will best fit you and your family’s needs.

2017 Video about Health Insurance Plan Changes

You can book a time with Tamara Chandler, Justin Cross or Gary Franke. We can all assist you with your 2017 plan options!

ONLINE CALENDAR: Book Your Health Insurance Appt Here 


2017 Rate Increases:

Premera = 19.9%
Regence =13.3%
Group Health [PPO] (First Choice) = 26.0%
Group Health [HMO only Network] = 12.6%
Coordinated Care (AM Better) = 7.4%
Molina 7.3%



At Achieve Alpha Insurance, we have always provided a high level of service and now want to match that with transparency. The following items are what you can expect during your fee based partnership with us:

1. We will respond to emails or phones call (425-802-2783) within 2 business days (usually 1 day).

2. Claims, premium payments and network concerns are all part of what we do to ensure coverage is accurate for your needs.

3. We will never sell or disclose your information to a third party.

4. Life Changes such as moving, job changes, family changes and medical conditions, are all part of our conversation with you to ensure coverage is accurate for your needs.

5. Monthly notifications of any changes or highlights about the plan you have.


NOTE: If you purchase a Life or Disability Insurance policy, we will waive the Broker Fee for 2017.

We are changing our business model to make up for the commissions we are losing from carriers for the same plans we’ve written for years. To be transparent, we want to explain what that looks like. We’ve had our income per client cut by 62% as carriers are trying to cut their expenses as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires them to do. They don’t pay insurance brokers a salary, just commissions. Some carriers are paying 0% in 2017. So, for 2017 health insurance plans we are charging a broker fee to clients (by making the same as we did back in 2015). You can see below that we are recouping about half of lost revenue with this fee. Our fee structure is very similar to what you would pay an Accountant, Attorney or Financial Advisor.

By charing a Broker Fee this enables us to provide you unbiased advise, as we’ve heard many agents will NOT tell you about the plans paying them 0% (can you blame them)…but we will since we are here to represent YOU to find the best deal for your needs, not the insurance carriers!

broker-fee-breakoutThere are 2 Options for 2017:

1. Do it Yourself: Stay on the same plan or switch on your own (no Broker Fee). During the year you need assistance, we are here to help (pay the broker fee with assistance for the remainder of the year). At least you can upgrade later if needed.

2. Full Service Assistance: Pay Broker Fee, we will help you select a plan for 2017. Access to our client Website, Videos & Blogs. Our amazing 2017 secure web portal will educate you and help you understand your options. We will support you throughout the year with any questions, updates or simply figuring out any billing issues.

Paying a new fee for insurance can be annoying, but no business can operate with a 62% decrease in income in just a few years. Thank you for understanding. If you have any questions, please let us know.

NOTE: If you choose a plan from LifeWise or a Group Health Cooperative Access PPO plan there is an additional fee of $100 per person. This is due to these carriers paying us a 0% commissions, as other carriers pay us a monthly commission.commissions-per-carrier-2017


To streamline the process, we have created a secured website with videos and blogs for our clients. This will enable you to do research on doctors, prescriptions, networks and all the plan layouts with Pros & Cons for each option.

There are 3 steps for us to help you renew coverage.

1. Give us a call to 425-802-2783 to get a time scheduled, Open Enrollment starts November 1st.

2. Once you have paid your Broker Fee, you will receive an email to access the Website, Videos & Blogs and our online Calendar will be available to schedule a time to talk over health insurance options for 2017.

3. During our meeting we will continue your education, answer questions and get you enrolled!

We look forward to assisting you in finding the right Individual Health Insurance plan for 2017!

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