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Nobody plans on getting cancer or having a heart attack, but when it does happen there are ways to help ease the financial burden.

Also for those of you that are accident prone there is a way to get coverage to help pay your medical deductible as well.

The great news is that this coverage is not expensive and actually has strong benefits for the price. The company I have found that provides the best bang for the buck is Assurant Health. How do they stack up against their competitors? Quite well. You may be asking how can it be so cheap, but also provide such rich benefits. The secret is that Assurant Health is one of the largest health insurance companies in the USA and already has spent money on overhead expenses, so providing additional services has very little additional administrative costs. This enables them to have strong financial assets to back them up for supplemental coverages (for accidents, cancer, heart attack and stroke).

If you are wondering how much it will cost you give us a call at 425-802-2783 and ask for Kerry Aldridge. It takes about 15 minutes over the phone to give you a Quick Quote. Then we will send you a brief email with some options.

1. You will get an automatic CASH payout very quickly as the need for cash will be immediate.

2. The benefits are cut and dry. Simple payout structure based on diagnosis. No need to wait for the claims to be filed.

3. No network restrictions, you can go anywhere for treatment.


Assurant Cancer Insurance

Accident Fixed Benefit

Covers an unlimited number of accidents your family members have…great value!

This is the Pricing & Industry Chart for you to see what your monthly cost would be: CLICK HERE For Detailed Pricing for Each Industry

Accident Fixed Benefit Overview Example

If you are injured in an accident this policy will cover two different ways depending on which option you choose:

Option A) On the Job Accidents ONLY, or

Option B) 24-hour Accident policy. Generally we recommend the 24-hour policy as most injuries actually occur outside work. Off-the-Job Injuries Outpacing Gains in Job Safety

Benefits start immediately and there is no overall annual or lifetime limit, no matter how many accidents you have (this product is for those of you that are accident prone). While recovering you get paid for each physical therapy visit as well.

Easy to Understand: You get a set cash benefit for each injury. No need to worry about deductibles, co-pays or pre-authorization.

Easy to Use: You can use the cash anyway you want for each injury. 

Easy to Keep: The cost for the Accident Fixed-Benefit plan price remains the same and will automatically renew each year.

Full Brochure of the Accident Fixed Benefit Coverage and EXAMPLES Here 

Cancer, Heart Attack & Stroke Coverage

Every year in the United States there are 1.6 million diagnosed with cancer and 1.2 million suffer from a heart attack. Medical bills cause more than 60% of bankruptcies in the US.

If you are concerned about one or more of these medical conditions you can pick and choose, especially for those with a family history of medical issues. Assurant Health pays a lump sum benefit once diagnosed, no need to waif for the medical bills to pile up. They pay at the occurrence of the medical condition.

You can buy stand alone or integrated. Honestly, when choosing the coverage and benefit level trust your gut instinct. From past experience when talking with clients that have “that feeling” to choose more or less coverage along with a certain feature are vastly more accurate in their actual health needs.
This is an example of how the Cancer, Heart Attack & Stroke (CHS) plans work.
CHS ExampleThe options are:

–Cancer only

–Cancer, Heart Attack & Stroke

There is a cash payout for life-threatening cancer AND cash payout for heart attack or stroke.

Benefit Levels:Policyholder selects level of benefit

1. $25,000 max payout

2. $50,000 max payout

3. $75,000 max payout

Benefits are paid per covered person

This should give you an idea of pricing depending on Age & Coverages

CHS Overview Rates
Policy Purchase Ages
You can purchase this Cancer, Heart Attack & Stroke policy through the age of 64 and renewable to age 75.
Primary and Spouse must be at least 18 years of age and can have dependent children on the policy.
Underwriting: This is Easy

 — Only 2 questions for Cancer only

 — Only 4 questions for Heart Attack/Stroke 

Assurant will not decline or increase rates strictly based upon being diabetic!!
Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke Overview

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