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We created a FREE website to give you overview of plans:

For 2018 Open Enrollment if we personally help you we charge a broker fee of $99 for one or $198 for two or more people (due to massive commission cuts, we have to charge to stay in business). So the FREE option or Broker Fee option for full service are available for you. Either way you can call us throughout the year with any questions!

Individual Health Insurance is actually a very straight forward and easy process.  Together we will walk through the coverage options in a common sense manner and help you find a plan that best fits your needs.

I work 100% as an Independent Broker with access to EVERY carrier in Washington State with 35 different plans.

NOTE: If you use Prescription Drugs I know the Pharmacy that has the CHEAPEST prices in the entire USA (they buy in bulk and pass the savings onto you)!  Give me a call at 425-802-2783 and will give you their contact information.

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