Accident Plan: Covering Gaps in Health Insurance

If you are accident prone or get injured this is plan was made specifically for you!

This plan is a great policy if you have a higher Health Insurance Deductible and get those bills covered. It’s a simple way to get reimbursed once you have had medical expenses due to ONLY an accident.

By now you already know if this plan is a good fit for you, or someone in your family. So give us a call after giving this blog a quick read.

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  1. Brochure of LifeSecure Plan (Read This for More Info)
  2. Detailed Sample Policy (if you want to dig into the details)

This Accident Plan is a direct reimbursement plan that is not linked to a health insurance plan, so it will pay up to the policy maximum.

Due to the increasing prices of health insurance more people are getting a Bronze plan, yet being exposed to a $6,000 Deductible is a bit scary. This solution would help ensure that in an accident you would have extra financial protection. However, it will not cover ongoing illnesses, sicknesses, medications, or cancer. It’s only for those NEW acute injuries or accidents

Accident Plan Coverage Examples

Sporting events are another activity where an accidental injury may occur. A baseball pitcher who develops a rotator cuff injury during the act of pitching would not qualify as an accidental injury. However a batter who is hit on the wrist by a pitch, which causes a fracture, has sustained an accidental injury. Joggers who develop ligament strain and tears during the course of their running routine have not suffered an accidental injury. However, if they misstep off a curb and fracture their ankle they have suffered an accidental injury. Clearly the demonstration of the “accidental” event within the course of normal participation in an activity can be made and an injury associated with that event would be covered if “care” as defined within the terms of the policy contract is provided.

Payment of benefits is subject to all of the following:
 The Accidental Injury occurred while this Policy was in force;
 Initial care must be received within 72 hours (3 days) of the accidental injury.
 Initial Care begins within one (1) year of the Accidental Injury;
 Due Proof of Loss is provided;
 Care for the Accidental Injury is received while this Policy is in force and within the US or Canada; and
 The Annual Benefit Bank is not exhausted.
• Your must obtain and provide: copies of all itemized bills from the hospital, doctor, urgent care or accident service provider; and the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from the primary insurance provider for each itemized bill. The EOB will be reviewed for any provider discounts that may have been applied to the charges; and copies of any medical documents which support the dates of service, treatment, diagnosis & explanation of how the accident occurred (e.g. ER Physician’s Report or physician’s office evaluation notes).

Dollar-for-dollar reimbursement for:
• Emergency Room
• Hospital
• Urgent Care Center
• Surgery
• Diagnostic Exams
• X-rays
• Physical Therapy

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Accident, Critical Illness & Cancer Plans: They Really Do Work!

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After a lot of research we have narrowed down the plans to two choices; a fixed benefit plan and an indemnity (pays per injury) type plan. Both are good plans, it’s just a matter of preference…Honestly pick the company you want, then pick the plan you want.

NOTE: None of these plans pay out for preexisting conditions. They are lower cost affordable plans for a reason and intended for ONLY new medical conditions.

  1. Accident Plans (LifeSecure & AFLAC). Usually the most useful plan!
  2. Critical Illness Plans (AFLAC only)
    • Covers new illnesses (heart attack, stroke, third degree burns, coma, etc)
  3. Cancer Plans (AFLAC only)
    • Covers new cancer diagnosis.

LifeSecure Accident Plan: This is the most simple plan, where it covers new injuries that occur with a fixed max payout.

Sign Up for a LifeSecure Plan HERE on your own

More details here:

  • The Advantage is that for example (see below) if you have a $4,000 broken nose injury and a $300 deductible it would pay you $3,700. There are some limitations for number of doctor visits. Generally a bit lower cost than AFLAC, but not much.
    • Example: Generally better for larger injuries with less follow up treatment (like a broken nose, once it’s treated it pretty much heals on it’s own). 
  • The Disadvantage is that it takes time to get paid once you submit the medical bills to LifeSecure. But honestly you usually have a month or so before needing to make that payment to the hospital, urgent care or doctors office.

AFLAC Accident Plan: This pays out per injury treatment. It has no specific maximum payout, yet does has a fixed per treatment payout.

  • The Advantage is that AFLAC pays out the next day once you submit the bill. Gives you money quickly! No max limits on payouts, yet they do have limits for each procedure or type of treatment. Overall a more comprehensive plan that has ongoing benefits per injury.
    • Example: Generally a better plan if there is an injury with multiple treatments or doctor visits (being admitted to a hospital for a longer period of time). The AFLAC plan pays a per day hospital amount, ambulance, physical therapy, hotel for family members if needed.
  • The Disadvantage is lower payouts for minor injuries that are simply treated (broken nose). Generally slightly more expensive but more comprehensive plan.

Example of how a LifeSecure Policy works.

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2018 Open Enrollment Options in WA

Save this link and come back when the FINAL 2018 Rates & Plans have been released…and for any updates throughout Open Enrollment.

The 2018 proposed Individual Health Insurance rates have not been officially released. So we wanted to prepare you for what is to come. The rate increases are horrible due to healthier people dropping out and simply losing money on individual plans, yet they still make money on group plans through an employer.

2018 Overview: Avg Increase 24%

The changes going through congress are not projected to impact 2018 plans since health insurance carriers have already submitted their plans and rates, but you never know. There would most likely be some changes for 2019 or 2020 plans.

2018 Health Insurance Carriers

  1. Kaiser Permenate (formerly Group Health Cooperative) will have HMO plans only.
  2. Molina lost a lot of money in 2016. Deductibles are going up and no Bronze plans.
  3. Premera is quite expensive in 2017 and will probably be about the same upper price for 2018.
  4. AM Better will have similar narrow networks, yet probably the lowest cost for 2018.

Discontinued Plans (for the most part), at least in King, Snohomish and Pierce counties:

  1. Regence has decided to pull out of MOST of Washington State (will be in a few Eastern WA counties).
  2. LifeWise has pulled out of King, Snohomish, and Pierce counties.
  3. Kaiser Permenente (formmerly Group Health Cooperative) is discontinuing the Access PPO (First Choice Network) Plans

The carriers told us that the core structure of their plans are going to stay the same for Gold, and Bronze plans, yet Silver plan deductibles are going up. Most other aspects should stay the same.

Only Kaiser Permenente will have HMO plans you can buy Direct from the carriers, so most will need to buy through the WA Exchange.

There will be ZERO plans with a PPO “In-Network” coverage outside of WA, as will be an Emergency Only network like most plans now. Sorry, but no work arounds here. For those that intend on being outside of WA for more than 6 months really should get a plan in that other state or country if possible.

How to Keep Costs Lower for 2018

One good way to keep costs lower for 2018 is to buy an”Accident Plan” and “Bronze Plan” with a $6,000 deductible. If you are on a Gold or Silver plan and don’t use as many prescriptions this is the best way to keep costs in check.

Check Out the Accident Plans Here!

From our experience, most people that significantly use their health insurance are due to injuries or accidents, thus this plan would help cover up to $15,000 for accidents that occur! They are cheap and have a simple structure for paying out. However they only cover new injuries or new accidents.

Give us a call now about the NEW Accident Plan and let us help you “pre-plan” for 2018.

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