Buying Health Insurance across state lines? Yes Please!

Welcome to Washington Signage represents the talk in front of Washington State Senate Health Insurance Committee about buying health insurance across state linesOn Tuesday February 4th I went down to Olympia to speak in front of the Washington State Senate Health Insurance Committee. Being proposed was Senate Bill 6464 to allow Washington State residents to buy insurance across state lines.

NEWS ARTICLE on Buying Health Insurance Across State Lines

Seems like a common sense way to save money, especially when you see that prices for an identical LifeWise policy in both states is 15% cheaper in Oregon, and a policy in Boise Idaho is 29% cheaper than in Washington State.

This Senate bill is the first shot that will be heard around the country!

For Health Insurance, why must someone ONLY buy coverage in the state they live in? Many of my clients move quite often and are required to switch back and forth from year to year. Why deal with all the hassle when you can pick one company and keep it no matter where you live. Increased competition helps you get a better price for the coverage.

It’s simple SUPPLY = DEMAND, as people find better deals you find the companies that are more competitive sign up more people.

Summary of Senate Hearing

My testimony starts at the 6:30 minute mark to 12:20 mark.

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