The Future of Health Insurance with Trump

health-insurance-changes-ahead-2017BOOKMARK THIS PAGE: We will Update as changes are made to Individual Health Insurance

We all know that due to the election of Donald Trump there are going to be many changes. One of the largest is regarding Individual Health Insurance. Especially since he has proclaimed to repeal “Obamacare”. 

Don’t be worried, as we are here to notify you of any changes as they occur! Our goal is to guide you through what happens next…

The 2017 Open Enrollment will continue as planned from Nov 1st 2016 to Jan 31st 2017.

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It took 3.5 years from when the Affordable Care Act was passed on March 23rd 2010 until it was implemented on January 1st 2014. From speaking with many other professionals we are projecting that it would take about 2 years for any real structural change to occur. The soonest changes would be made are for 2018 plans since you are locked in. At least we can hope..

Changes to Expect:

Pre-Existing Conditions: There will be a waiting period for pre-exisiting conditions (there was a 9 month waiting period before the ACA). This would LOWER prices since people would not be able to “game the system” of getting coverage instantly for immediate medical issues occuring while uninsured. However if coming from a Group Plan they would waive the “waiting period” for having continuous coverage.

More Choices: With the ACA, the fully loaded Gold/Silver/Bronze policies currently cover “all” medical conditions. If you are able to choose a more “catastrophic only” policy this will result in cheaper policies for those that choose these and more expensive policies for those wanting the full coverage plans.

How to Enroll: It’s expected there will be no Open Enrollment period since the health insurance carriers will be able to underwrite and use waiting periods to “manage risk”. This means you will most likely be able to buy any time of the year.

Individual Mandate: Trump has proclaimed to end the manadate to buy health insurance and eliminate the tax penalty if you don’t.

Below is an independent article going over potential changes.

How Trump Might Change Health Insurance

Health Insurance carriers would not stand for any changes to simply drop coverage immediately since policies are locked in for a calendar year. Changes for the next year would move you to the next closest plan just like it did when the ACA was first implemented and you were moved to a new Gold/Silver/Bronze plan.

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Apple Health Medicaid in Washington State

Welcome to Apple Health (Medicaid)

Washington Apple Health

Welcome to Apple Health which is what we call Medicaid in Washington State.

DOWNLOAD and save the document below that explains Apple Health.

2017 Apple Health Guide to Services

Apple Health Detailed Guide

There are a variety of reasons how you got to be on an Apple Health plan.

From signing up clients for individual health insurance plans in Washington State I have seen both the positive and negative aspects of this plan. It really depends on how you use medical care.

In general the Apple Health plans have a smaller network of doctors and more limited coverage, however the plans have no deductible and are free (or low cost), especially if your income is going to be a bit lower for 2017. At least you get health insurance for major medical issues.


There are many reasons why someone is on Apple Health. Typically it is because your income is below a certain level for the number of people in your family. Other main reasons are Pregnancy, Disability, and Adoption.

If you apply through the Washington Health Exchange, children are often automatically put onto Apple Health, while the parents have to choose a discounted Health Insurance plan. The family income has to be much higher in order for the children to be put onto an exchange health plan.

There are five carriers for Apple Health. The process once you are assigned to Apple Health is for them to randomly assign you a carrier. You can change to another Apple Health provider any month (at this time), yet recommend to pick one and stick with it.


You may be able to keep your current doctor. Follow this exactly for best results:

1. Call your current doctors office and ask them “Do you take Apple Health or Medicaid plans?”

2. If they say NO, then your doctor is not covered (you can still pay cash to see them).

3. If they say YES, ask them “Which carriers to you take?”. After calling all your doctors offices, then assess which of the 5 carriers covers most of your doctors (or the most important ones to you).

4. If you need to switch plans, call the 1-800 number on the back of your PROVIDER ONE Card. Done.


For those with a more acute medical issue or simply need certain doctors covered there is another option. That is to buy a plan direct from a carrier. Yes paying full price is not always an easy option financially, yet if you need better medical care it is worth paying for.

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VSP Individual Vision Plan


The VSP Individual Vision Plan is widely accepted by most eye doctors offices (more than 34,000 nationwide) and provides great value for those with glasses and contacts.

To be honest, the VSP Individual Vision Plan is very straight forward…what you see is what you get (pun fully intended). The coverage is about the same for either option, so if you intend on using a bit more in vision coverage get the better plan. Here is the VSP plan brouchure or see the overview of the two plan details below. 

  1. You an look up doctors on the VSP Doctor List, or call your local vision doctors office.
  2. When you sign up, your coverage goes for an entire year (you can pay Annual or Monthly, yet still a year contract). The first payment comes out upon submission, if paying monthly then the future payments on the 15th of each month.
  3. There is NOT a physical ID card that is mailed to you. Simply notify the doctor that you have a VSP plan and they will look you up in the active clients system.

Sign up HERE for a VSP Individual Vision Plan!

For any questions please call the Customer Support Line at 800-877-7195.

You can go to out of network providers for a smaller discount on your plan, yet it is NOT recommended. You would pay cash for the visit, then submit it for reimbursement to VSP.

P.S. If you have any questions please give me a call at 425-802-2783. However, to be honest, I will direct you back to this blog post. It lays out all of the benefits in a straight forward manner better than I could in person or over the phone.

VSP Base Plan

VSP Base Prices

VSP Base Plan1

VSP EasyOptions Plan

VSP EasyOptions Pricing

VSP EasyOptions Plan

Additional Options on Either Plan

VSP Lasic

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