Fun Cartoon Clip Explaining the NEW Health Law

clickable youtube logo with a link where you can watch fun cartoon clip about the NEW Health Insurance Law

CLICK HERE to watch a fun cartoon clip about the NEW Health Insurance Law

Many of you have been asking me for an UNBIASED source regarding the Affordable Care Act. The Kaiser Family Foundation has come out with a straight forward YouTube video explaining how the Affordable Care Act will impact everyone involved in the medical system.

Click on the YouTube logo above to watch a fun 6:53 minute clip.

(CLICK HERE) 2014 PREMIUM CALCULATOR for Washington State

Everyone will be impacted slightly different, some people will pay MORE and some will pay LESS. Now you can determine approximately what you will pay in 2014. The Actual 2014 prices come out October 1st…but this is a great way to estimate your cost.

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P.S. Forward this to friends, family and anyone you hear asking about Health Insurance…honestly, the changes occurring are very straight forward and will be simple to sign up for!

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