April Fools: Health Insurance Open Enrollment Extended until April 17th

2015 Washington State Open Enrollment Extension April 17Open Enrollment Extended until April 17th

Procrastinators, if you waited to sign up for Health Insurance it’s not too late! You win again, haha.

The Open Enrollment has been extended until April 17th (for those that did NOT get health insurance in 2014 will get a 1.0% tax penalty of their income). The tax penalty for 2015 is going to be 2.0% of your income. This why they are giving people a second change to sign up.

Cheat Sheet for Picking the Right Plan for You

If you want a plan directly from a health insurance carrier you are out of luck, but the work around is to go through the WA Exchange, then you can pick a plan. Plans through the Exchange or Direct to a carrier are exactly the same coverage, same price, yet can ONLY purchased through the Exchange website.

There are a few tricks to get you Exchange account opened up during this Extended Special Enrollment Period. Call 425-802-2783 and will walk you through it one step at a time.

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