FOR HEALTH BROKERS: Automated Sales System for your Individual Health Clients

Health Plan Videos Website:

Overall my goal is to help other agencies reduce the wasted time on Individual Health plans. This is simply an informational website, so none of your clients will be calling ME, the webpage will ONLY have your agency information on it and they will be calling you!

For those of you that have a large base of Individual Health Insurance clients it’s a pain to go over their individual health insurance plan for EVERY SINGLE CLIENT, right? We have a solution that will save you a significant amount of time and effort during the crazy busy Open Enrollment Nov 1st to Jan 15th period. From our analysis you earn about 10 times more working on Group Policies (~$200/hr) than Individual Polices ($~20/hr)…now we have a solution to have you work on the more profitable side of your business.


UPDATE ON PRICING: Price lowered to $1,500 if you sign up before October 1st 2017. After that it will be the original $2,000.

After speaking with a significant number of Individual Health Brokers like myself, they were wanting more information on my Health Plan Videos platform and how it would be customized for them…

  1. I created an EXAMPLE site (where you can customize it for your agency) of a hypothetical agent called Amy Anderson (
  2. The videos are the SAME (white label videos, so clients never see my face or know who I am), but everything else you can CUSTOMIZE with your agency name in the URL name…also if you have tips on what to change, add or delete let me know
  3. Good to Use. My lawyer deemed the site free of Trademark or Copyright infringement. They are instructional videos, much lower bar to pass.

NOTE: The website is a work in progress, as it will be significantly improved for 2018 plans by the Nov 1st Open Enrollment start date, yet we put in 2017 videos at this time to give you a perspective on what we are offering. Right now there are 6 videos uploaded, yet will be a total of 8-10 health videos for your clients. The final version will be an even more professional website!

Give me a call at 425-305-1900 or if you have any questions.

We are going to create the webpages on a first come first serve basis with 1/2 as a deposit and 1/2 paid once the website goes live on Nov 1st 2017 (or as rates are 100% released). So those that put down the deposit first will lock in their priority spot for getting their web portal set up right before Open Enrollment!

Here is our Sales Options:

Option #1: For $1,000 you get 4 YouTube Videos.

Option #2: For $1,500 you get a full website with your customized agency link. The following will be on your page; logo, picture, phone number, email and your home website link with all links redirected back to you. A total of 5 hours of website customization (we made it really simple, more than enough time). If you sign up after October 1st it increases to $2,000.

Additional in-depth customization will be charged at $100/hr after 5 hours of use, more than enough time to get your information set up correctly!

Overall this seems like a simple venture, however I have spent over 300 hours working on this platform and video material. My honest goal is to help other agencies…and make some money at the same time. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments on how to improve the system!

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Independent Broker
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