The Food You Eat and How to Detox

How Important is the Food we Eat?

The body is constantly exposed to toxins in the atmosphere and in the foods we eat, it’s just a part of life. The key way to boost energy, weight loss and mental clarity is to detoxify our body. This seems simple, yet seems to be overly difficult to actually do. The problem is there are so many cheap and simple “cleanse” products that only treat the symptoms like a rough “colon cleanse” and not addressing the core issue of helping our bodies rid themselves of toxins and become naturally more efficient.

In 2015 I was able to lose 20 pounds by using the Isagenix system (and I only really half way followed it). It works well and a flexible way to eat healthier. Give me a call at 425-305-1900 if you have any questions or want more information. The cost is about $3 per meal replacement shake (which is less than most of us spend on meals anyway).

dieting-vs-cleansingHow to help Detoxify the body

Creating a healthy balanced diet and way to detox with a “safe and natural cleanse” product is the best way to allow our body to release toxins building up within us. Then our body can adequately absorb the nutrients we consume more effectively. To do this it is best to give our digestive system a break and enable our body to release the “stuff” building up within us.

This is an effective way to Cleanse:

One good way to improve the nutrients we consume and cleanse is to do a 30-day system with Isagenix, as it uses all natural high quality products that enable our body to cleanse and get the effective nutrients we need. By cleansing this allows our bodies to help us release those unwanted pounds (especially dangerous visceral fat that is wrapped around our organs). By getting healthier one way or another it not only improves our appearance, but improves our quality of life.

The other way to help improve our nutrition is to do a meal replacement shake that enables us to get the rich nutrients and probiotics our body needs in an efficient manner.

10 Health Tips You May have Missed:

To be honest, if you are looking for a way to break through with weight loss, improved energy or mental clarity give Isagenix a try. It has worked well for me and wanted to share with you a way to get healthy in 2016.

P.S. Another way to detoxify our bodies is by the water we drink, here is how I changed my water drinking habits.

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