Get a Free FitBit and Over $1,000 per Year in Real Discounts!

Okay, now that my clickbait has sucked you in, I wanted to show you a brand new program on how you can save money on Term Life Insurance! This is a truly revolutionary way to get Life Insurance with really great savings every year! Give us a call at 425-802-2783 or to get a quote today! We walk you through the process in a common sense easygoing manner.

In the past once you bought a 20 Year Term Life Insurance policy the price is “locked in” and does not change. Which means you could start smoking, drinking and live unhealthy going forward and the price is the same. However, it’s in the Life Insurance company’s best interest to incentivize you to continue to live a healthy life! Now you can lower life insurance premiums by up to 15% per year AND save over $1,000 per year in Discounts at local stores such as REI, Walmart, Hyatt Hotels, and Cruises!

Ways to Save Money!

First of all you are still getting Life Insurance and the base price is the same, yet if you participate in the John Hancock Vitality Program you can save much much more! You can check it out at

There are four tiers for a life insurance policy discount. The base level is Bronze, which is the “normal rate” before this new program. For the first year they start you off at a Gold level, which is an automatic 10% premium savings. Then for each additional year you get Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze based off of your activity level points for the prior year. From year to year depending on your activity points you qualify for the different premium discount level.

You earn points for wearing the FitBit or Apple Watch in addition to other ways to earn points to qualify for that percentage savings each year. Check out the may ways to earn points here. We can help walk you through the process to earn points towards real savings!

The Process To get Life Insurance:

To get Life Insurance its not hard, yet it does take a few steps to get set up. First of all it generally takes about two months from beginning to end, as the underwriters often have too many pesky yet necessary questions…

We can shop around at over 33 carriers to help get you the BEST price for the coverage.

  • QUOTE: We need your AGE, M/F, and Tobacco Use. If you have any major medical issues or items you think may impact the rating please let us know.
  • EXAM: Take a free Blood Test and answer some Medical Questions from a Nurse.
  • DECISION: The underwriter will look at your medical records as well (which we never see as agents), then come back with a decision on the health rating you get.
  • DONE.

Lifetime Savings Over $35,000

Honestly, its not rocket science, if you are living a healthy lifestyle or want to please give us a call and would be glad to help you turn your healthy lifestyle into money in your pocket.

Below is a projected savings over a 20 year period by participating in the John Hancock Vitality Program. It adds up to massive savings, or feel free to write us a check for what you would have saved, our name and address is listed below…so call us today!

NOTE: Everyone that is approved for Life Insurance qualifies for this program. However those that do have some health issues such as diabetes actually can save more than the average person since the discounts are applied to your monthly premium amount!

Talk to you soon!

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