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Inflamed spinal area needing the best chiropractor on the Eastside

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Chiropractors are God’s Gift to Mankind!

They are like the mechanic that keeps the frame of your car/back aligned to perform at full capacity.

Natural methods for getting medical care is essential, as there are way too many MD’s out there pumping us full of pills that only mask underlining health issues.

Since high school I have been seeing a chiropractor and literally saved me from significant pain often in a single 5 minute adjustment, just like magic!

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Pinnacle Health Chiropractic in Kirkland

Dr. Jason Ablett
Pinnacle Health Chiropractic
11415 NE 128th Street, Ste 130
Kirkland, WA 98034
(425) 749-6527

The main issues that Chiropractors can help resolve are:

  1. Whiplash from motor vehicle accidents
  2. Sprains
  3. Neck pain and headaches
  4. Herniated discs
  5. Joint pain
  6. Muscle imbalances
  7. Postural imbalances

NOTE: Doctors of Chiropractic take more schooling addressing muscles and the skeletal system than traditional MD’s and complete an internship rather than a hospital residency.

If you need to see a Chiropractor and have Health Insurance there are often limitations on number of visits.  Group plans through an employer generally have more generous coverage, however if you have an Individual Health Insurance plan there is ONLY one company that has the BEST coverage!


  1. LifeWise (12 visits per year for $25/visit)
  2. Moda Health (You pay 30% of cost for 10 visits Chiropractic & Acupuncture combined)
  3. Group Health Cooperative (10 visits at GHC facilities)
  4. Regence (10 visits per year, after Deductible…not really covered)

If you need Individual Health Insurance give me a call, as there is no such thing as one best company, it’s which company gives you the best coverage for the price!

Below are my areas of expertise:

  • Life Insurance (33 companies)
  • Health Insurance (Every company in Washington State)
  • Investments (Alternatives to the Stock Market)
  • Tax Sheltered Accounts (Following IRS guidelines)

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