"Get the very best life insurance for you, at the lowest rate available. Guaranteed."

- Gary Franke
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Life Insurance: Are You Paying Way To Much? Chances are… Yes.

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Gary Franke
Life Insurance Specialist

So far this year, I’ve been able to save my clients an AVERAGE of $31 per month on a Term Life Insurance policy. That is an $11,160 savings over 30 years. Plus, they’ve received better coverage with guaranteed payouts. This is just an average; I’ve saved some people over $200 a month.

It’s amazing but I’ve found that chances are, you are paying way too much for life insurance.

5 Signs you are paying way too much for Life Insurance:

  1. “Bundling” with your auto or home carrier. Many companies that are not “market competitive” for term life insurance and are usually much more expensive, such as: (State Farm, Farmers, Allstate, New York Life, Northwestern Mutual, Mass Mutual, Guardian, Nationwide, and American Family. Many offer a 10% discount for “bundling” auto & home, yet if you are paying 40% more that’s not such a great deal after all.
  2. No “One company” provides the best coverage for everyone. Every person’s needs are different. Each company has different rates for you based medical history, height, weight, age, family history, tobacco, etc. Going with one company over another can save you more than 20%.
  3. If you buy additional Group Term Life Insurance through work you are usually overpaying
  4. If you haven’t shopped life insurance in the last few years. Prices have declined dramatically in the recent years due to increased competition and people are living longer.
  5. There is also a Permanent Life Insurance policy that will last your entire life that is 50% cheaper than Whole Life Insurance. Agents are paid less to sell this product, so they rarely recommend it. I sell this product all the time.

As an independent agent, I shop over 33 A+ term life insurance companies to get the best coverage and best rate for you. My goal is to help you stop giving your extra money away every month.

Find out fast if you are paying too much for Life Insurance, and how easy I make it for you to switch if you are.

I’ll know if I can save you money in just a few minutes. I’m a no pressure guy and will be honest. If you have a good deal already, I’ll tell you. Many major companies charge 30% to 40% more and I often know instantly if you can save money. They are all good companies… Just not the best for term life insurance.

Get the best life insurance for you, at the Lowest rate available in the USA. Guaranteed.

CALL: (425) 802-2783 or fill our Quick Quote Form

CALL: 425-802-2783 or fill our Quick Quote Form for fast response:

“Gary is by far the most detailed insurance broker I have ever known. He never loses focus on his client’s needs. He is the highest caliber person I’ve met in many years. Gary works extremely hard to give his client’s the services they need at the best price. I am certain I will continue to do business with him for many years to come.”
- Jason Ablett, DC – Pinnacle Health Chiropractic – Bellevue, WA
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