How to get Affordable Life Insurance

Are You Getting Ripped Off on Life Insurance?

Chances are you are paying way too much… 
Find out in 15 minutes. Get the very best rate guaranteed!

  • I shop over 33 A+ rated companies to find the best coverage & rate for you
  • Guaranteed best coverage for lowest rate available
  • No pressure sales – I give you a the best rate. That’s it

In 2014 I was able to save my clients an AVERAGE of $31 per month or 19% for Term Life Insurance on a 30 Year Term policy.

By saving only $31 per month this adds up to a savings of $11,160 over the 30 years of a term policy. Now that’s a lot of money! Prices have come down in the past 5 years, so it’s worth checking to see if you can save “only $31 per month”. Yes it really adds up!

SAVINGS $11,160 ($31/mo X 12 Months X 30 Years)

As an Independent Broker I have access to 33 Life Insurance companies to ensure you get the BEST price on the market.

5 Simple Signs You Are Overpaying For Life Insurance

As an 100% Independent Broker my job is to shop for the BEST Life Insurance rates with 33 companies.  Below is a quote I provided to a 37 year old woman with the price range from the 1st Best to 4th Best Rating, as I did not want to over promise on price.  As for yourself, you will get the best rate you qualify for.  She got the 2nd Best rating of 30 Year TERM for $45/mo.

There is no such thing as ‘One Best Company’, it’s about which company works best for you and your needs based on Affordability and Coverage needs.

First Best to Fourth Best Rate of an Affordable Life Insurance

Steps to Obtaining Life Insurance

Step #1:  An Application takes about 30 minutes
Step #2:  A Nurse will take a free Blood Test and ask some Medical Questions
Step #3:  Generally it takes approximately 6 to 10 weeks for Life Insurance to go into place

You are NOT committed to the Life Insurance until the final rate comes back. The day you write a check is the day you make a FIRM commitment (hope this helps make the initial decision easier).

Logo of Best Prices to represent Affordable Life Insurance

How do I get started?

Give (me) Gary Franke a call at 425-802-2783 at your earliest convenience to schedule a time to sit down and go over your options in more detail. Or simply click here and I will contact you!


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