How to Lose Weight and Stick to a Healthy Lifestyle

How are your 2015 health and wellness goals going so far? Do you want to get more?

There is a simple way and honestly if I can do it anyone can.

About 2.5 years ago I came across an easy way to maintain a healthy lifestyle after an auto injury. While it was a minor strain of my lower back I was not able to work for many months. In this time I gained a significant amount of weight while laying on the couch and eating unhealthy.

As many of you have seen with professional coach Sara Spencer’s support and program I have lost a considerable amount of weight. She can also assist you in becoming healthy, just like I have with her assistance. She works with individuals for changing your psychological perspective of how you eat, not just “dieting”. If you have questions you can contact her at 425-870-2541. Mention my name, Gary Franke, for a free 15 minute consultation and a free special gift when you get started.

So I took action and decided I wanted to get back in shape first by eating right and actually lost more weight than when I started. By working through a dedicated program it enabled me to lose weight quickly, safely and keep it off long term in a simple manner. To this day I have stuck to a simple eating plan that is actually cheaper than eating regular unhealthy foods (it’s a win/win).

Before I struggled to eat healthy and by sticking to a simple program it enables me to have freedom to continue to eat the foods I enjoy, but having structure around what I eat to keep me in line. Eating processed foods is not healthy, yet even more important our bodies do not process these foods efficiently (a leading cause of cancer, heart attacks and diabetes, etc.)

More often than not America’s health issues are due to the current state of our food supply, and the changes that have occurred over the last few years. What I have found will startle you.

*Over the past 15 years, seven states have doubled their rate of obesity. Another 10 states nearly doubled their obesity rate, with increases of at least 90%.

*Adult diabetes increased in 11 states in the past year. In eight states, more than 10% of adults now have type 2 diabetes.

*Obesity rates exceed 25% in more than two-thirds of states (38 states).

Adult Obesity

In WA and in the rest of the US, we are dealing with environmental pollution on a much larger scale than just 15 years ago. We are also dealing with more prevalent GMO (genetically modified foods) in our food supply. While physical activity is an important part of healthy living, the main driver of obesity is excess food consumption. Let’s all agree on that, despite what soft drink company say.

By working with my professional coach, Sara Spencer, I was introduced to a natural, organic gluten-free system, which gently removes toxins trapped in our fat cells and cleanses the body. People on this program experience weight loss, better sleep, stable mood, increased energy and more lean muscle mass.

If you answer YES to any of these questions please contact Sara for a free 15 minute session.

*Have you been struggling with your weight, but doing everything “right?”

*Do you feel sluggish, tired, and moody and want to change?

*Are you interested in cleansing your body at a cellular level?

*Do you desire to sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed?

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