Big Change for 2016 Individual Health Insurance

MODA Health leaving Washington State

It’s sad but true that MODA Health will NOT be offering individual health insurance plans in Washington State in 2016. They had losses too significant and the government reinsurance program is only paying 11% of what they were owed in the program. They were expecting about $90 million and received $12 million…

2016 Cheat Sheet for Individual Health Insurance plans (Video Clip Here)

If you have a plan through the HealthPlanFinder WA Exchange you will NEED to wait to renew until after Nov 24th. Read our blog on why…

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For those clients that have a MODA Health plan, there is good news!

  • Group Health has a brand new PPO plan with the same First Choice Health Network ( as Moda, yet will be 25% lower cost than comparable Moda plans. Compared with Premera, the Group Health PPO plan will be about 20% lower cost, thus it is a fantastic deal for those that want to save a significant amount of money on individual medical for 2016.
  • Premera Blue Cross does offer several advantages that should be considered when estimating the overall value of a health plan.  First of all Premera covers most services up front before the Deductible! Premera covers on the job injury or illness for self-employed members who do not have other work-related coverage (while Group Health does NOT cover on the job injuries).  They also have some upfront benefits and lower copays for commonly-used services that may make it an overall better value.

NOTE:  The Group Health PPO Plans that has the same network as Moda are for plans purchased directly through Group Health.  If you have a plan on the WA Health Exchange, you should pick the Premera plan (it is actually 5% cheaper than Moda’s options would have been, so that helps – and Premera has a broad network). If this impacts you please give us a call at 425-802-2783 and would be glad to go over your options. Below are my areas of expertise:

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