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Troy Wardlow of Bay Equity Home Loans known for Mortgage LoanWhen shopping for a mortgage loan call Troy Wardlow at 206-963-6573. He is a true expert with a team backing him to ensure your loan gets set up as efficiently as possible.

With over a decade of mortgage expertise he knows how to get  a loan closed in good and bad times.

Investment Properties: Troy can help you leverage properties multiple times.

Residential Properties: Buying or Refinancing a Condo, Townhouse, Home, or Multifamily.

Hard Money Lending: If you are buying a property at the Friday 10am auction Troy is a great resource for funding until you get a traditional loan.

You can apply on-line, or contact him to set up an appointment. You will always get his immediate and prompt personal attention.

Troy Wardlow
2375 130th Ave NE, Suite 2013
Bellevue, WA 98005

Phone: 206-963-6573
Fax: 425-968-7614

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