How to get the Best Auto & Homeowners Insurance

When you need Auto & Home Insurance

Call 425-922-8805

Call 425-922-8805

When you need Auto, Homeowners or Small Business Insurance you want to call my colleagues at Omega Financial 425-922-8805. I’m an expert in Health, Life and Disability Insurance, as good insurance agents focus in a specific area, then partner with other good agents in their area of expertise. I know experts in every area of insurance, so if you ever have a need I can help or bring in reinforcements to ensure you get taken care of.

Omega Financial is a broker just like myself and shop around for the best price on the market with many carriers, which saves you time and ensures you get the best coverage for what your needs are. There is no such thing as one best insurance company, it’s which one provides gives you the best coverage for the price.

The Right Coverage. The Right Price. The Right Value.

The most important thing about insurance is getting the right coverage, as we naturally focus on the “cheapest price”. This is a wrong approach, as any agent can get you a bare bones policy for almost nothing, yet ensuring you have enough coverage is what will save you money in the long run. I personally have a $500,000 auto coverage policy, yet most basic policies start at $300,000. Next time I’m up for review I will probably get an Umbrella policy for $1 Million for less than $200 per year to ensure I won’t be personally liable if something bigger ever happens. After all you are on the hook for any expenses above your “policy limit”. Do you have enough coverage? Probably not, yet give them a call to find out.

For Homeowners Insurance its more complex than just insuring your physical house. There are liabilities for people that are guests in your home, your belongings, flood coverage, earthquake, and much more. It’s all bundled together, but does not have to be difficult. That’s why you want to talk with an expert like Beth Roberts or Eric Horner at Omega Financial at 425-922-8805.

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