Stop Overpaying for Life Insurance

Stop Sign expressing stop overpaying term life insuranceLife Insurance is one of those tasks you do once and done. However, occasionally it’s beneficial to take a quick peak to ensure you have the best deal for your specific situation.

Since I work with 33 carriers I can get the BEST price on the market! Now you can see why I love my job!

Rates for Life Insurance has declined due to competition over the past several years and takes 15 minutes to talk just once over the phone to see if you can save money (yes, it’s really that quick and simple). In 2013 I saved my clients that switched an average of 17% or $10,800 for a 30 year Term policy…now that’s real money!

Many major companies charge 30% to 40% more and I often know instantly that you can save money. They are all good companies…just not the best for Term Life Insurance.

In 2013 I was able to save my clients an AVERAGE of $28 per month or 17% for Term Life Insurance on a 30 Year Term policy.

This equates to a SAVINGS of ($28/mo X 12 Months X 30 Years) = $10,800.


If you want me to email you a Quote all I need is: Age, Male/Female, Tobacco/Non-Tobacco and how much coverage?

  1. It takes 30 minutes to do an Application over the phone (yet truly prefer to meet in person)
  2. You will have to take free Blood Test and answer some Medical Questions from a Nurse
  3. Generally it takes about 6 to 10 weeks for Life Insurance to go into place
  4. DONE.

NOTE: You are NOT committed to a Life Insurance policy until the day you write a check (hope this helps make the initial decision easier).

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