Payment Grace Period for 2015 Health Insurance

Health Insurance Grace Period Washington State

Set up Auto Pay for Health Insurance ASAP!!!

There is a grace period those of you that bought an individual health insurance plan directly from a Washington State insurance carrier…however it’s much shorter than in the past.

If you do NOT make a payment in time, you literally can NOT get another individual health insurance policy until January 1st 2016. Yes, you are locked out from re-signing up. No exceptions (okay there are a few, but must be documented and have an iron clad reason).

If you have questions about picking out a 2015 plan this will help:

2015 Cheat Sheet Guide to Picking a Plan

The reason they do this is to prevent people from taking advantage of the “grace period” and having a “FREE” month of coverage without paying your premium (for example if you are going to have new work coverage start on March 1st, why pay the month of February if you can ride out the last 30-day grace period for no cost. If you have a medical emergency simply pay the premium and it’s all covered like normal). That’s how to game the system (but you didn’t hear it from me…)

Yes this has been going on for years, but now they are finally cracking down. Even if you accidentally forget to pay, go on vacation, your mail gets lost. They don’t really care why, as we are all “adults” and know that it is due anyways.

Grace Period






So the conclusion of this post is to make sure to set up auto-pay for your 2015 health insurance premiums!

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