Proposed 2018 Health Insurance Increases

The 2018 proposed Individual Health Insurance rates were just released. So we wanted to prepare you for what is to come. The rate increases are horrible due to healthier people dropping out and simply losing money on individual plans, yet they still make money on group plans.

The changes going through congress right now are not projected to impact 2018 plans since health insurance carriers have already submitted their plans and rates, but you never know. There would most likely be some changes for 2019 or 2020 plans.

2018 Overview: Avg Increase 22.3%

The carriers told us that the core structure of their plans are going to stay the same for Gold, Silver and Bronze plans, yet the prices are going to jump substantially. Most other aspects should stay the same.

Exchange ONLY plans for 2018, so you will not be able to buy plans Direct from the carriers.

There will be ZERO plans with a PPO “In-Network” coverage outside of WA, as will be an Emergency Only network like most plans now. Sorry, but no work arounds here. For those that intend on being outside of WA for more than 6 months really should get a plan in that other state or country if possible.

How to Keep Costs Lower for 2018

One good way to keep costs lower for 2018 is to buy an”Accident Plan” and “Bronze Plan” with a $6,000 deductible. If you are on a Gold or Silver plan and don’t use as many prescriptions this is the best way to keep costs in check.

Check Out the Accident Plans Here!

From our experience, most people that significantly use their health insurance are due to injuries or accidents, thus this plan would help cover up to $15,000 for accidents that occur! They are cheap and have a simple structure for paying out. However they only cover new injuries or new accidents.

Give us a call now about the NEW Accident Plan and let us help you “pre-plan” for 2018.

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