Get Health Insurance Outside Open Enrollment!

Red box asking if you miss the health insurance enrollment deadline because you can get short term health insurance now!

Need Health Insurance?

Did you miss the March 31st Open Enrollment period to sign up for Health Insurance?

You still can get Health Insurance, but it’s ONLY a Catastrophic Short Term policy.

In some situations you can get a Major Medical plan…

This Short Term plan can start as soon as tomorrow! It covers all NEW health issues, yet excludes any “Pre-Existing Conditions” (which are ANY health issues you have had in the past).

The good news is that most issues that pop up are new medical emergency accidents or illnesses, which is exactly what this Short Term policy covers!

Now you can sleep better at night with up to $2,000,000 of coverage for new medical issues.

When’s the Next Open Enrollment?

NOTE: The next Open Enrollment period is from Nov 15th 2014 to Feb 15th 2015. The soonest a NEW major medical plan can start is Jan 1st 2015.

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EXAMPLE Short Term Health Insurance Quote for a 40 year old

Short Term Assurant Health

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