Short Term Medical Insurance

Need Medical Coverage Now? Here’s How

parashootNow that the Open Enrollment period has passed you can’t get full comprehensive health insurance that will start until January 1st 2017. That is unless you have a Qualifying Event, such as losing coverage from a work plan, getting married, divorced, moving to a new state and several more, however you MUST show documents that your other coverage is ending.

A more affordable option is Short Term Medical (STM) coverage (which can start as soon as the next day). It’s lower cost than traditional medical coverage yet it does NOT cover pre-existing conditions (it’s like duct tape to keep you covered until the next open enrollment period, it works but is not perfect by any means). This way you have coverage for NEW medical issues that would occur. The company I have seen with the best product is Health Insurance Innovations with two products approved for Washington State. Both have positives and negatives.

If you currently have certain major medical issues you may not be able to get a STM plan. These plans do NOT qualify as Medical Insurance to avoid a Tax Penalty for ACA purposes. Yet it is lower cost coverage than traditional fully comprehensive coverage. This short-term medical insurance is a TEMPORARY plan. It is NOT RENEWABLE and not meant to provide long periods of coverage.

Premier STM (Get Covered Now Link)

Premier STM Brochure

The lookback period for Pre-Existing Conditions is only 12-months. Some additional exclusions are that on the job injuries are NOT covered and participation in more sports activities such as (sky diving, scuba diving, auto racing, bungee jumping, hang gliding, parasailing, flying in an aircraft other than commercial, rodeo, boating, motorcycling, skiing, atv’s dirt bikes, snowmobiling, or go-carting.)

With this policy you can go to any doctor or hospital, as they pay the the accepted fee for the area you are getting treatment. However you can be balanced bill if the provider you see charges above the area rate. Honestly, it’s nearly impossible to find out a head of time what their rate is compared to the acceptable rate. But getting treatment for a medical issue is most important.

Coverage starts as soon as the very next day from signing up.

Regular doctor visits are covered up front before the deductible for $15 to $40/visit depending on the plan you choose, also it’s $50 urgent care visit covered (before deductible).

With the Premier plan you can choose the MAX coverage provided on the plan from $25,000 to $1,000,000.

Prescription Drugs discount program saves about 15% to 55% on generic Rx. Also included is Pet Rx for your animals.

Dental needs includes a discount program through the Aetna Dental Access Network, 15% to 50% savings.

Vision needs includes a discount program through the Outlook Vision Network, 10% to 50% savings.

Some additional discount benefits are for Alternative Medicine, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Hearing Program, Imaging MRI and CT scans, Laboratory Savings Program, Medical Bill Negotiation (on existing bills as well). Medical Supplies and Equipment, Physical Therapy, along with Vitamins and Supplements.

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STM policy overview comparison Pre-Existing Condition: A Bodily Injury or Sickness, whether a physical or mental condition regardless of the cause for the condition, for which medical advice, diagnosis, care or treatment was recommended or received by an Insured Person within the twelve (12) month immediately before that person’s Effective Date, or for which symptoms of a condition have occurred that would have led a prudent person to seek medical advice, diagnosis, care, or treatment during the twelve (12) months immediately before that person’s Effective Date. Medical advice, diagnosis, care or treatment will be taken into account only if it is recommended by, or received from an individual licensed or similarly authorized to provide such services under state law and operating within the scope of practice authorized by state law. Medical treatment includes prescription medications.

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