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Cheaper Term Life Insurance for Smokers

Is smoking or chewing tobacco really that bad for me?  I know plenty of people that lived until age 95 that smoked like a chimney.

Well lets see…who would be a trustworthy source to determine how “BAD” tobacco is.  Actuaries, yes those guys that sit in windowless rooms and do mathematical calculations all day, BINGO!

NOTE: There are only a few Life Insurance companies that give BETTER PRICES to people that use TOBACCO.  I work with 33 companies to ensure all my clients get the best rate on the market!

See a comparison of Life Insurance prices for Non-Tobacco & Tobacco users (20-Year Term).

Life Insurance prices for Tobacco users

As you can see its about 125% to 350% more expensive (depending on your age when getting Life Insurance).

What if I stop Smoking or using Chew, how long does it take for me to get “better rates”?

stop smoking prices for life insurance

If you have stopped smoking and have Life Insurance you can significantly lower your premiums! Or, if you have been trying to get your significant other to stop smoking hopefully this gives them some motivation…

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  • Life Insurance (33 companies)
  • Health Insurance (Every company in Washington State)
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  • Tax Sheltered Accounts (Following IRS guidelines)

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