Tax Avoidance: Protect Your Assets

DIVERSIFICATION is extremely important and taking some money out of the stock market gradually is the best way to “Dollar Cost Average” to lock in gains.

Tax Avoidance Related Stock Market's Table of Returns and Loss by Year
Preventing downside risk of loss is the most important part of investing.  Yes getting strong returns of 29.6% in 2013 are amazing, yet reducing the impact of mega loss years is how you truly retire in style!

Setting a strategy to spread out your investment dollars is simple and easy to do on your own!

Tax Sheltered Accounts are not a ‘get rich quick’ strategy, but rather a ‘slow and steady wins the race’ strategy.

When it comes to your investment portfolio there are ways to obtain consistent strong returns AND have your money grow tax free! This concept is called Bank on Yourself, which has achieved ‘Zero’ negative returns over the past 165 years and currently getting 6.34% tax free (which is equivalent to an 8.50% return in a “taxable investment”).

Below is a highlight of the basic “Tax Sheltered Account” Strategy.

There are two YouTube clips to get a brief overview.

Tax Sheltered Account Overview  (YouTube Clip)

How Whole Life Insurance REALLY works Best (YouTube Clip)

Figure of Man Carrying the Word Tax to represent Tax Avoidance or BurdenI work with people on how to set up Tax Sheltered Accounts correctly, along with showing you the Advantages and Disadvantages of how they fundamentally operate.

Some Highlights of How it Works

•  Money Grows Tax Free (no taxes on growth)
•  Pays out Tax Free (unless you close it down)
•  Assets protected from Bankruptcy and Creditors
•  Access to Cash anytime (other IRA type accounts you can’t touch your money until Age 59 ½)

There are many forms of Tax Sheltered accounts such as 401K’s, Individual Retirement Accounts and the like. However, the most efficient of these in the long run of these has been  proven to be the Bank on Yourself method utilizing a Life Insurance policy (yet 90% of agents set it up wrong because they get paid 64% more to set it up the wrong way!)

While Investment accounts in the Stock Market are good for a portion of your portfolio you are ONLY charged a fee one time on money going into a Life Insurance policy…then NEVER pay another fee on that money while it grows Tax Free and Pays Out Tax Free.

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