Term Life Insurance Rates Just Dropped 4%


Call 425-802-2783

Call 425-802-2783

Term Life Insurance Average Savings of $4,800

I have fantastic news! One major Life Insurance carrier just announced lowering Term rates by 4%! This carrier also has extremely high financial strength ratings, so your not getting a 2nd rate policy.

It is always exciting to save money and now lock in low term life insurance rates for up to 20 years (just like refinancing your home loan). Last year my average client saved $20/mo by getting a new policy. This translates into $4,800 in savings [$20/mo savings X 12/mo’s X 20 years = $4,800].

NOTE: I’m not going to mention the name of the Life Insurance company here since they get fussy about mentioning their name in “unofficial” statements, ya I don’t like the strict marketing policies either…

Overall I have access to 33 Life Insurance carriers, as my goal is to get my clients the best price for the coverage and continually seeking better deals (no matter if you are healthy or have medical issues).

Give me a call if you want a to compare your current policy. It literally takes about 5 to 10 minutes for an instant quote (no pressure).

P.S. Many major Life Insurance carriers intentionally keep their TERM rates about 30% to 50% higher on purpose since they want focus on Whole Life (which is generally a bad investment). A friend of mine a just bought a new $2,000,000 policy for the SAME price as his old $1,000,000 policy from another overpriced Life Insurance company 3 years ago. Typically savings are not this large, yet it does happen a few times a year.

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