Saving my Disability Insurance clients 10%

The StandardFor those of you clients of mine that have purchased Disability Insurance from me over the past year with The Standard Insurance out of Portland Oregon will now be saving an additional 10% for the remainder of the time you have your policy (only on the best “True Own Occupation” Platinum policy).

Since my sales has put me in a top category for insurance agents, this enables my clients to save 10% every year going forward on their Disability Insurance premiums for as long as they keep the policy! My commission goes down a bit, but I could care less. My goal is to help my clients get the best coverage for their needs!

The Standard is sometimes the best Disability Insurance policy, yet often it is not. We shop at eight different Disability Insurance carriers to ensure my clients get the best price on the market (for the coverage and price). However, those of you that it is the best fit with The Standard will save more money by purchasing it through me than another agent. A true competitive advantage that I can directly tout.

INCOME PROTECTION: How to ensure your Paycheck Continues

For more information on what Disability Insurance is check out the real life story about Roger Sweaney and how it works. Then give me a call at 425-802-2783. It’s free for me to run a quote and give you an overview of ways to keep it affordable for nearly any budget. Afterall Disability Insurance is more important than Term Life Insurance…as you are still living, yet earning a lower paycheck if you are not able to physically work as much due to an injury or illness.

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