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How I lost 20 lbs in 2015

Happy New Years! With every year we all make resolutions. Losing weight is often on that list, but it doesn’t have to be difficult, as most people do it the wrong way. This isn’t one of those fad diets or trick your body into temporarily losing weight type systems, its a lifestyle change. It’s helping your body to detoxify and become more efficient (which helps you to lose weight and have more energy). In 2015 I lost 20 pounds by only “half way” doing it. There are two things I did to lose weight and feel healthier (which really makes sense now after all these years).

1. Food based detox system (overview below) Additional details HERE.

2. Water based detox system (overview below). Additional details HERE.

I sell Health Insurance and talk with about one thousand people every year about their very personal medical conditions (which is confidential). The one thing that has popped up again and again for clients that used to take many prescriptions is their ability to detoxify their body of impurities. Often I have a client that picks a Premera Gold or Silver plan that covers prescriptions extremely well since they have several health issues going on. Then the next year they want the cheap Bronze plan since they are off most their medications (usually for thyroid, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, allergies, insomnia, acid reflux, minor depression, sexual issues, etc).

When a client has successfully gotten healthier my follow up question is, “What did you do?” Most of the time their main response was not dieting, but the ability to detoxify their body of impurities. If you think about it basic dieting does not work because it is either temporary or you are just changing what you are eating, not changing how your body processes food and functions. If you simply eat healthy, but still consuming toxins it will only help so much.

I really love this illustration that explains it clearly:

Cleanse-ImageIf you think about it there are two ways to reduce the amount of impurities in your diet and body, the food you eat and the water you drink.

The two things I have done are:

1. Food based detox system with Isagenix. I simply drink a meal replacement shake for breakfast and take a natural detox cleanse before I go to bed at night (this helps the body release toxins, it’s not a “colon cleanse”.) Once a month I do a full day cleanse which gives my digestive tract a break. The meal replacement shakes cost about $3 per meal. Along with the other nutrition products it comes out to be cost effective compared with other groceries.

2. Water based detox system is called Kangen Water. The tap water you drink is NOT healthy, as it contains high amounts of chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, mercury, lead and residual traces of pharmaceutical drugs in our water supply.

Water health is extraordinarily important as well, so about the same time in the spring of 2015 I had a friend Billy Baker bring me Kangen water every few weeks or so. This water has a higher pH than 7.0 (neutral), as the body is naturally acidic due to all the crap we eat now-a-days (causing a cancer epidemic in the USA). So finally I bought a machine myself so I could drink the healthy water free of impurities on a daily basis.

Food Based Detox: My story is a bit unique. In 2012 the water heater blew up in my apt causing toxic mold in the carpets. A month later I was in an auto accident that caused me to stay home for a few months with a temporary back sprain. I could barely function as the mold caused me to have a foggy and hazy brain. It was intense how disabling this compounding of injury and foggy head was impacting me. A friend introduced me to Isagenix and mentioned the detox program…so I tried it and two weeks later my head was completely clear and felt much better (but my back took some time to get back to normal). I ended up moving out of that apt a few months later.

In the spring of 2015 I really decided to get back in shape, be more mindful of what I ate, exercising and keeping my body clean (both food going in and the internal health). So I started using the Isagenix meal replacement and cleanse system again…after-all it worked the first time. I found it easy to drink a quick meal replacement shake in the morning and often for lunch along with some additional supplements that helped to naturally cleanse my body.

The 30 day system is basically where you have a shake for two meals of the day, a low calorie meal for one of your meals, and a few cleanse days throughout the 30 day period. To maintain your weight loss after you lose the amount you’d like, you simply replace one meal a day with a meal replacement shake (which is good on the go when you are hungry and prevents you from stopping in for fast food).

Thats what I did to make myself more healthy in 2015 and looking forward to continuing the simple way to keep myself healthy in 2016 as well. Please give me a call if you want more information and how to start your own journey to being a healthier version of yourself.

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