Wisely Diversify Your Portfolio For Maximum Investment Potential

“Alpha” Means “Excess Return above the Market Rate”. Seeking professional advice from an Independent Broker will enable you to seek out many additional options available and truly customize what works best for your portfolio.

In today’s market everyone is striving for safe investments. However, the ‘catch-22′ of safely investing money are low investment returns. If only there existed an investment strategy that was/is both SAFE and provides a strong rate of return?

basket of eggs symbolizes to diversify the portfolio to maximize investment potential

That investment strategy is called Life Settlements.

  • Historical Return = 10% to 15% compounded annually throughout 21 years (Your actual return will vary depending on product preferences)
  • Zero Losses in over 21 years (No Market Risk)
  • Assets are held in an your personal Escrow Account (No Bernie Madoff possibility)
  • Direct investment: You own an exact percentage of each asset (Assets not bundled like Mortgage Backed Securities)
  • Warren Buffett’s company is the single largest investor in this Investment Industry (Over $4 Billion Invested)
  • Minimum Initial investment of $25,000 (with $5,000 minimum per policy)

The average investment horizon (1 to 6 years).

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Achieve Alpha