Life Insurance

The Importance of Having Great Life Insurance

How to Get the BEST Price: Below are several quotes with the price range from the 1st Best to 4th Best Rating, as I do not want to over promise on … [Read More...]

Health Insurance

Health Insurance Video Overview (Click Here)

Get the Best Health Insurance Coverage for Your Budget! We created a FREE website to give you overview of … [Read More...]

Tax Sheltered Accounts

Learn the Most Efficient way to Avoid Future Taxes

There are several different ways to protect your investment dollars from the "TAXES", they key is to find the most efficient ways get a strong rate of … [Read More...]

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Accident, Critical Illness & Cancer Plans: They Really Do Work!

To enroll in one of these plans is to give us a call at 425-802-2783 or Sign Up for a LifeSecure Plan HERE on your own After a lot of research we have narrowed down the plans to two choices; a fixed benefit plan and an … [Read More...]

2018 Open Enrollment Options in WA

Save this link and come back when the FINAL 2018 Rates & Plans have been released...and for any updates throughout Open Enrollment. The 2018 proposed Individual Health Insurance rates have not been officially released. So we wanted to prepare … [Read More...]

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