Life Insurance

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The Importance of Having Great Life Insurance

How to Get the BEST Price: Below are several quotes with the price range from the 1st Best to 4th Best Rating, as I do not want to over promise on … [Read More...]

Health Insurance

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2015 Health Insurance FAQ

OPEN ENROLLMENT: November 15th - February 15thFirst of all not all companies have released 100% of their new 2015 plans. Will update this page as … [Read More...]

Tax Sheltered Accounts

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Learn the Most Efficient way to Avoid Future Taxes

There are several different ways to protect your investment dollars from the "TAXES", they key is to find the most efficient ways get a strong rate of … [Read More...]

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Premera & LifeWise Health Insurance Plans in Washington State

LifeWise & Premera Health Insurance Plans Secrets Revealed

This summary of the LifeWise & Premera health insurance plans gets extremely detailed. If you have picked one of these plans please read all the way through. Then BOOKMARK this page so you can come back when you have questions on how medical … [Read More...]

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Best Dental Insurance in Washington State

Dental Insurance (not to be confused with health insurance) never seems like it pays off, however now it really does for the average dental user.There are several NEW plans for dental insurance in Washington State, learn which one is best for … [Read More...]

Client Testimonials

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