Life Insurance

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The Importance of Having Great Life Insurance

How to Get the BEST Price: Below are several quotes with the price range from the 1st Best to 4th Best Rating, as I do not want to over promise on … [Read More...]

Health Insurance

Health Insurance concept represented by this image of stethoscope and dollar bills

Health Insurance: Protect Yourself

Get the Best Health Insurance Coverage for Your Budget! Individual Health Insurance is actually a very straight forward and easy process.  Together … [Read More...]

Tax Sheltered Accounts

business people discussing about a graph on how people can avoid future taxes

Learn the Most Efficient way to Avoid Future Taxes

There are several different ways to protect your investment dollars from the "TAXES", they key is to find the most efficient ways get a strong rate of … [Read More...]

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Washington Apple

Welcome to Apple Health (Medicaid)

Welcome to Apple Health which is what we call Medicaid in Washington State.There are a variety of reasons how you got to be on an Apple Health plan.From signing up clients for 2014 and now 2015 health insurance plans in Washington State I … [Read More...]

Call 425-802-2783 for the Expanded 2015 Premera Network of Doctors

Premera & LifeWise Expanding 2015 Hospital & Doctor Network

As many of you know the 2014 network of Hospitals & Doctors in Seattle really sucked, no way to sugar coat it...they EXCLUDED Swedish, University of Washington Medical Center, Harborview and Childrens Hospital.My advise was if you picked a … [Read More...]

Client Testimonials

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