OPEN ENROLLMENT: Health Insurance for Children until April 30th

A representation of Children Insurance - young girl holding a card saying to "Cover all Children"

Health Insurance for children (Under the Age 19) under the “Affordable Care Act” in Washington State is incredible, as they have been GUARANTEED INSURABLE since 2011.

However, since children are GUARANTEED INSURABLE, Washington State didn’t want parents to “Game the System” by having zero health insurance coverage until a major health issue popped up…then instantly get Health Insurance that covers the issue.

So to find a good balance what the Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler decided was to allow two OPEN ENROLLMENT periods per year…striking a good balance.

OPEN ENROLLMENT PERIODS: [March 15th to April 30th] and [Sept 15th to October 31st] 

If you, your friends, or family has Children under the Age of 19 and will be looking for Individual Health Insurance in the near future they have until April 30th to sign up…otherwise they will have to wait until Sept 15th to sign up.

SHORT TERM PLAN: However there is a workaround for children signing up outside an Open Enrollment period.  Since there are 6 months between each Open Enrollment period I have children sign up for a Short Term Health Insurance plan until the next “Open” period (but Pre-Existing Conditions are NOT covered).

The PROCESS for Signing up for Health Insurance: (Quick & Easy)

  1. It takes about 30 minutes to talk through plan options for your specific needs.
  2. Then takes about 30 minutes to sign up online.
  3. Coverage goes from month-to-month for however long you want to keep it.

I work with EVERY Health Insurance company in Washington State, so shoot me an email at or call me at 425-802-2783.

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