BEST PRESCRIPTION DRUG Prices in the USA [Average 25% to 50% Savings]

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Pharmacy with the BEST Prices in the Entire USA. 425-802-2783

Do you take any prescription drugs or know anyone that does?  They can be very expensive, yet don’t have to be.

Normal pharmacies “down the street” generally charge a 100% to 300% price markup! Are there any reputable pharmacies to get more affordable Rx?  Most definitely!

As a 100% Independent Insurance Broker with access to EVERY Health Insurance carrier my goal is to help people get the BEST price on the market.  This also extends to getting the best price for Prescription Drugs.

One year ago a client referred me to the pharmacy with the BEST prices in the entire USA (she was saving $500/mo).  They are located in the Seattle area and mail directly to your house.  It has been a family owned pharmacy for 42 years and simply want to provide a quality product for a reasonable price (not price gouge people).

The average markup is COST OF THE PRESCRIPTION + $5.00 Profit, which is about a 1% to 10% markup (depending on the Rx).

Real savings are typically 25% to 50%.  It takes only 5 minutes to get a price quote.

Call 425-802-2783 or email to start saving money today!

EXAMPLES (from real clients in the past 2 months)

  • Before = $300/mo, After = $56/mo
  • Before = $385mo,  After = $170/mo
  • Before = $136/mo, After = $119/mo
  • Before = $153/mo, After = $11/mo
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