Individual Health Insurance

Health Insurance for 2018, a step-by-step guide on plans, details and how to sign up. Watch our videos first…then give us a call if needed at 425-802-2783 or

1. VIDEO OVERVIEW: Watch before calling us about 2018 Health Insurance! (click here)

2. ONLINE CALENDAR: Book Appointments Online (click here)

3. BROKER FEES: See the 3 options below

  • Option 1: FREE if you enroll using our online Video Web Platform on your own (please add us as your Broker, Gary Franke).However, we are still here for you during the year to support you with any needs (so there is an advantage of us being your Broker).
  • Option 2: If we help you sign up & enroll; we charge $99 for one or $198 for two or more people.
  • Option 3: If you buy a Life Insurance or Disability Insurance policy we will WAIVE the Broker Fee for 1 year.

Accident Plans: To fill the gaps in Regular Health Insurance Plans. Yes, they really do pay out and work well.

Kaiser Permanete Health Insurance (HMO Plans) Kaiser is the only Direct Plan for 2018.

Individual Dental Insurance: (click here) to go over options and self enroll

Short Term Health InsuranceThe Short Term Health Insurance plan does not cover pre-exisiting conditions, yet can start as soon as tomorrow when in-between comprehensive plans.

Travel Insurance for Overseas Health Insurance

Patriot Travel Medical Insurance: (Short Term, Immediate issue policy)

Longer than One Year Travel Medical Insurance(Major Medical, must go through Underwriting)



For 2018 in WA you can ONLY get a Group of 1 Health Insurance Policy from Regence. You need to email them for the documents to fill out and can call them anytime. 

NOTE: Since the Deadline to get a 1/1/2018 policy is Dec 15th, Regence has recommended to get an individual plan for January and if you qualify for a Group plan for Feb you can do so…they are quite slammed at this time.

  1. You MUST be an S-corp and pay yourself a W-2 Income (can’t only be an LLC).
  2. Email the documents listed below to the Costco Small Group, see link below.
  3. If they give you a better deal than Individual, then do it! It’s also a PPO network.

Document #1: RBS Request for Proposal form

Document #2: 1-50 Regence New Small Group (1-50) Checklist (eff. 10-01-2017)


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