Individual Health Insurance

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1. VIDEO OVERVIEW: Watch before calling us about 2018 Health Insurance! (click here)

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3. BROKER FEES: Charging again this year during (due to over a 50% cut in commissions in the past 5 years)

  • Option 1: FREE if you enroll using our online Video Web Platform on your own (please add us as your Broker, Gary Franke).
    • During the year we are here to support you with any issues and needs (so there is an advantage of us being your Broker).
  • Option 2: If we help you sign up & enroll; we charge $99 for one or $198 for two or more people.
  • Option 3: If you buy a Life Insurance or Disability Insurance policy we will WAIVE the Broker Fee for 1 year.

Kaiser Permanete Health Insurance (HMO Plans) Kaiser is the only Direct Plan for 2018. All other plans must be purchased through the WA Exchange.

Short Term Health Insurance 

  • The Short Term Health Insurance plan does not cover pre-exisiting conditions, yet can start as soon as tomorrow when in-between comprehensive plans.

Travel Insurance for Overseas Health Insurance

Patriot Travel Medical Insurance: (Short Term, Immediate issue policy)

Longer than One Year Travel Medical Insurance:(Major Medical, must go through Underwriting)

Dental Insurance:

Delta Dental Coverage (sign up link)

Dental Health Services (Sign up Link)

Individual Health Insurance is actually a very straight forward and easy process.  Together we will walk through the coverage options in a common sense manner and help you find a plan that best fits your needs.

Stethoscope and Money represent Health Insurance Plan

What’s Needed for a Health Insurance Quote

•    Age
•    Tobacco/Non-Tobacco

The Health Insurance sign up process:

•    It takes about 30 minutes to talk through plan options that best fits your specific needs.
•    Then takes about 30 minutes to sign up online.
•    Coverage goes from month-to-month with for however long you want to keep it

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